For law students who want additional support bridging the gap between law school and law firm

Are you a law student summering at a law firm? Do you want a clear framework  and resources to help you develop your skills, integrate into your firm and produce quality work people can rely on?

I can help. 

I'm a former practising lawyer and certified executive coach. I summered exactly 20 years ago and practiced for over a dozen years as a litigator at national and boutique firms before becoming a coach who works exclusively with lawyers and law students. 

Your first summer at a law firm is a time to learn about the practice of law, build your professional relationships and develop your practical legal skills. 

It can also be overwhelming to figure out what to focus on, what's expected and how to navigate unwritten rules.

To help support you, I've put together a program and resources specifically designed to help law students succeed in a law firm environment. 

It consists of a recorded workshop that covers six foundational skills that support your professional growth and development. Developing these skills early in your practice  will serve you throughout your career.

The workshop was delivered live on April 29, 2022. The workshop was recorded and posted on a learning platform along with supporting materials (worksheets, articles and links to additional  resources). It's available on demand so that you can watch it on your own time and at your own pace.

The original workshop was about 2.5 hours. The recording has been broken into six sections so that you can zero in on the topics you want to focus on most.

In addition to the recorded workshop, there will be two live Q&A opportunities for students who enroll in the course: one on June 3 and  one on July 8, both at noon PT.

If you want support to help you successfully transition from law school to law firm, I encourage you to sign up. The fee is $29 inclusive and you'll have access until September 1, 2022.

Your opportunity to learn tips and strategies from a lawyer-turned-coach to help you become a "go to" student at your firm.

Register Here - $29 inclusive

The Details

This program is designed to help you get clear about your goals for the summer and how you achieve them. It's also an opportunity to learn skills and strategies to succeed in a law firm or other professional organization.

  • Instant access to the recorded online workshop that dives into six foundational skills that will help you succeed in a law firm environment.

  • Access to live Zoom Q&A calls on Friday June 3 and Friday July 8 at noon PT.

  • Instant access to materials to support your learning, including worksheets, articles and curated links to online resources.

  • Ability to submit questions anonymously and attend Q&A sessions live or watch the recordings to learn the answers.

Learn how to manage expectations, communicate with confidence and present professionally as you navigate your first summer at a law firm.

Register Here - $29 inclusive

Build on your strengths as a student to succeed in your first law firm job.

I have previously taught the foundational skills over a period of six weeks. 

This year, I'm sharing them in a condensed workshop at a more accessible price point. You'll have instant access to the workshop and materials so you can apply the learning right away.

Here's what past students have said about the materials covered in the program:

"I like the "aha" moments I get once I join all the concepts together."

"The course provides you with in-depth information backed by practical examples, along with advice and tips. Time management class was my favourite class."

"The research Paula has done stood out in the resources she provided each week - The breadth of topics covered [...] was so helpful."

"I like this course because it is interesting and taught in a very engaging manner. Paula is a great instructor and she explains concepts in a manner that is clear and easy to follow."

"I really like your demeanour and willingness to help us. I feel that makes the course more engaging. Further, I have enjoyed the overview into what it is like working in a law firm, which gives me the opportunity to dig further in areas that I am most interested in."

"The course material covered everything I expected and then some! I feel very equipped for the work world."

Program Details

  • When is the workshop?

    A live virtual workshop took place on Friday April 29. The session was recorded. The recording has been posted in a virtual learning platform, along with other resources like worksheets, articles and links to a curated list of online resources. You can watch the recording on your own time, at your own pace. The recording can be viewed in full, or topic by topic.

  • Are there opportunities to ask questions?

    You're welcome to send your questions about the course or your summer experience by email to [email protected]. There will also be two live virtual Q&A sessions over Zoom (1 hour each), one on Friday June 3 and and one on Friday July 8, both at noon PT.

  • What if I miss the live sessions?

    The live sessions will be recorded and posted on the learning platform. You will have access to them until September 1, 2022. If you're not available during the live sessions, you can submit questions (anonymously if you like) in advance of them, and your questions will be answered during the sessions.

  • What equipment do I need for this course?

    The live sessions will be done virtually on Zoom. The course materials are hosted on a cloud based learning platform. A device with Internet access and Zoom capacity should suffice.

  • Do I need to be working at a law firm to take this course?

    No. This course is designed for students who are working in a law firm but the material covered is also suitable for students working in other professional environments.

The Foundational Skills

  • 1
    Summer Student Success Strategy - Introduction and Framework
    • How to use this course - Read this first
    • Summer Student Strategy Workshop Worksheet
    • Summer Student Strategy Workshop Recording - Full Length
    • Summer Student Strategy Workshop - Workshop Slide Deck
    • Outline of Topics and Timetable for Workshop
  • 2
    PART 1 - Goal Setting and Shifting from Student to Lawyer Mindset
    • PART 1 - Learning objectives
    • Recording of Part 1 - Goal Setting
    • GREAT! Goal Worksheet
    • Online Resources
  • 3
    PART 2 - Building Relationships, Trust and a Market for Your Work
    • PART 2 - Learning Objectives
    • Recording of Part 2 - Relationships
    • Strategies for taking assignments
    • DISC Profiles
    • Building Relationships Worksheet
    • Online Resources
  • 4
    PART 3 - Managing Time, Energy, Expectations and Multiple Inputs
    • PART 3 - Learning Objectives
    • Recording of Part 3 - Time Management
    • Time Management Self Assessment
    • Online Resources
  • 5
    PART 4 - Writing with Clarity, Purpose and Impact
    • PART 4 - Learning Objectives
    • Recording of Part 4 - Effective Writing
    • Editing Checklist
    • Online Resources
  • 6
    PART 5 - Communicating Effectively and Speaking with Confidence
    • PART 5 - Learning Objectives
    • Recording of Part 5 - Confident Speaking
    • Effective Speaking Questionnaire
    • Effective Speaking - Seven "C"s Prep Sheet
    • Online Resources
  • 7
    PART 6 - Using Feedback to Accelerate Growth
    • PART 6 - Learning Objectives
    • Recording of Part 6 - Feedback
    • HBR Article- The Feedback Fallacy
    • Online Resources
  • 8
    Wrap Up
    • Next Steps
  • 9
    Q&A Session - June 3, 2022
    • Bootcamp Q&A - June 3, 2022
  • Paula J. Price


    Paula J. Price

    Paula is a former litigator and ICF certified executive coach (ACC). She helps lawyers and law students thrive through coaching and training. She's also the creator of The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyer. If you have questions about how she can help you, send her an email at [email protected].