Bridge the gap between law school and law firm.

Congratulations on your first law job!

In a few weeks, you'll see how what you learned in law school applies in the real world. 

You'll experience first hand what it's like to work with lawyers at all levels and other students. You'll start building relationships that can last a lifetime.

For a lot of students, making the transition from school to law firm is challenging. It involves a lot of unknowns: what to expect, how to get work, how to manage competing timelines, how to know if you're doing it right.

If you want guidance on where to focus your energy and adapt to working at a law firm, you don't need to do it alone

Nor do you need to guess at what to do. 

There are some clear steps you can take to become the kind of "go-to" student that lawyers want on their files. 

And I can help you do that.

I have worked with lawyers and law students over the past two decades - first as a lawyer and now as a coach - and I have seen the same struggles come up time and again. For example, many students:

  • don't understand what's expected of them and then don't always meet expectations;
  • don't understand how to build relationships so they don't integrate into the firm;
  • stay stuck in a student mindset and don't learn to navigate themselves outside the formal structure of school;
  • don't understand how to docket and capture all their time;
  • struggle to deliver work product that answers what is asked for and useful;
  • fail to convey confidence and establish trust; or
  • lack direction, drift and miss out on building skills and relationships that could support them throughout their career.

These are some of the challenges that hold students back. 

But they don't have to.

If you're a student and you want help making the transition from law school to law firm, I can help you. 

I offer a step by step framework that will teach you what to look for and give you strategies and skills that will serve you in your first job at a law firm and beyond. 

After we work together, you'll recognize common mistakes and how to avoid them. You'll have a framework to guide you that will help you now and as you progress through career milestones. You'll develop confidence in yourself to handle any situation.

Over the course of six weeks (from Wednesday, May 5, 2021 to Wednesday, June 9, 2021) I'll take you through a six step process where you will learn to:

  1. understand law firm expectations and professionalism;
  2. define goals to set yourself up for success;
  3. build relationships, confidence and trust within your law firm;
  4. manage your time effectively, including dealing with billable hours and competing deadlines; 
  5. write effectively in a professional (versus academic) setting; 
  6. speak with confidence and clarity, whether in a boardroom, courtroom or conversation with a partner; and
  7. use feedback to grow faster.

These lessons will give you peace of mind, clarity and strategies so that you can focus on doing excellent work, building your reputation and integrating into your firm.   

I'll hope to see you in the course.

If you have questions, please email me at


Click here to watch my webinar  about the framework I teach to students and learn more about how I can help you. 

What past students have said:

"My underlying feedback is your program causes me to think about things that usually go unsaid. Things that would easily slip through the cracks and yet are still so critical to mastering the journey. Take for example the situation of the young associate today, I easily would have overlooked how important trust can be in a situation like this. [...] If you don't have these skills you simply won't know, as he never knew. Yet, here I am being taught these tips [...]. I will be better equipped when facing any similar situations."

"I like the aha moments I get once I join all the concepts together."

"The course provides you with in-depth information backed by practical examples, along with advice and tips. Time management class was my favourite class."

"The research Paula has done stood out in the resources she provided each week - The breadth of topics covered during the six weeks was so helpful."

"I like this course because it is interesting and taught in a very engaging manner. Paula is a great instructor and she explains concepts in a manner that is clear and easy to follow."

"I really like your demeanour and willingness to help us. I feel that makes the course more engaging. Further, I have enjoyed the overview into what it is like working in a law firm, which gives me the opportunity to dig further in areas that I am most interested in."

 "I love the homework exercises every week, which really solidifies our learned theory into practice during each of the learning modules we encounter per week. I also love that our course is one hour long, one day per week as this is a flexible commitment that accommodates everyone's schedules."

"The course material covered everything I expected and then some! I feel very equipped for the work world."

Designed for students.

This course is designed for students who are working at law firms, with examples that are relevant to your everyday experiences at a law firm.

  • You may attend the sessions live or watch the recording.

  • All session recordings and materials are accessible on the course platform.

  • You will have opportunities to ask questions and discuss challenges you're having at your law firm.

Program Details

What you need to know about this course.

  • When and how long is the course?

    The course begins on Wednesday, May 5, 2021 and ends on Wednesday, June 9, 2021. There will be a live one hour Zoom class each week on Wednesday at noon PT.

  • What if I miss a class?

    Classes will be recorded and the video recordings will be posted on the learning platform.

  • What equipment do I need for this course?

    The course will be done virtually, with live Zoom calls. The course materials are hosted on a cloud based learning platform.

  • Do I need to be working at a law firm to take this course?

    No. This course is designed for students who are working in a law firm. However, it is also suitable for students who have not yet secured a placement and seek to prepare themselves for a law firm experience.

  • I am an internationally trained lawyer. Can I take this course?

    Definitely. A number of internationally trained lawyers have taken this course to help prepare themselves to article at a law firm.

What You'll Learn

  • 1
    Welcome to the course.
    • Summer Student Bootcamp - Course Overview and Resources
  • 2
    Week 1 - Your framework for excellence
    • Week 1 - Class recording
    • Week 1 - Slides
    • Class Notes
    • GREAT! Goal Worksheet
  • 3
    Week 2 - Building trust and relationships in your law firm
    • Building trust and relationships in your law firm
    • Week 2 - Building Relationships
    • Week 2 - Slides
    • DISC Profiles
    • Strategies for taking assignments
    • Building Relationships Worksheet
  • 4
    Week 3 - Optimize time management
    • Week 3 - Class Recording
    • Week 3 - Slides
    • Time Management Self Assessment
  • 5
    Week 4 - The art of effective writing
    • Week 4 - Class Recording
    • Week 4 - Slides
    • Editing Checklist
    • Links to Online Writing Resources
  • 6
    Week 5 - Effective Speaking
    • Week 5 - Class Recording
    • Week 5 - Slides
    • Effective Speaking - Seven "C"s Prep Sheet
    • Effective Speaking - Questionnaire
    • Links to TED Talks
  • 7
    Week 6 - Accelerated growth through feedback
    • Week 6 - Class Recording
    • Week 6 - Slides
    • Copy of HBR - The Feedback Fallacy
    • Hyperlinks to Feedback Resources
  • Paula J. Price


    Paula J. Price

    Paula is a former litigator and ICF certified executive coach (ACC). She helps lawyers and law students thrive through coaching and creating high impact on line programs that build on her experience as a lawyer and coach for lawyers. If you have questions about how she can help you, send her an email at