First Summer at a Law Firm?

This course is for you.

Congratulations! You've landed a coveted summer position at a law firm. You may have lawyers in your family and get what it's all about. But for many - like me when I started - it's all new.

That's where I come in. I produced this course to help you get the most from your summer and avoid making the same mistakes that I made. Trust me, some of this stuff takes time to experience and figure out. I've done that (sometimes the hard way) and now I'm sharing what I learned with you.

I will take you through 11 tips that I wish I could tell my younger self. Tips about how to go after what matters to you, tips about how to overcome shyness and lack of confidence, tips about what lawyers really want from their students (and young lawyers) and tips on developing skills and character traits that will help you succeed as a lawyer.

Yes, I talk about the summer, but these tips will set you up for success for the long haul.

You don't need to take my word for it. Just sign up and see what you learn. It's free.

I hope you love this course as much as I loved making it.


Paula J. Price

Your Instructor

  • Paula J. Price


    Paula J. Price

    Paula is a former litigator and ICF certified executive coach (ACC). She helps lawyers and law students thrive through coaching and training. She's also the creator of The Joyful Practice for Women Lawyer. If you have questions about how she can help you, send her an email at [email protected].

What you will learn

Each tip is a separate video lesson, enumerated here. The lessons range in length from 3 - 9 minutes and total about an hour. You can do them in sequence or pick and choose based on what grabs your attention.

  • 1
    • Introduction - Why this Course?
    • 11 Tips for an Extraordinary Summer - Handout
  • 2
    Tip 1 - Have Clear Goals
    • 1. Have Clear Goals
  • 3
    Tip 2 - Leverage Your Goals to Overcome Obstacles
    • 2. Leverage Your Goals to Overcome Obstacles
  • 4
    Tip 3 - Start Building Your Community
    • 3. Start Building Your Community
  • 5
    Tip 4 - Produce Quality Work
    • 4. Produce Quality Work
  • 6
    Tip 5 - Build Trust
    • 5. Build Trust
  • 7
    Tip 6 - Learn to Manage Your Time
    • 6. Learn to Manage Your Time
  • 8
    Tip 7 - Record Your Time
    • 7. Record Your Time
  • 9
    Tip 8 - Stay Positive
    • 8. Stay Positive
  • 10
    Tip 9 - Be Smart About Social Functions
    • 9. Be Smart About Social Functions
  • 11
    Tip 10 - Maintain Your Physical Health
    • 10. Maintain Your Physical Fitness
  • 12
    Tip 11 - Get Help If You Need It
    • 11. Get Help If You Need It
  • 13
    Thank You
    • Thank You

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